We will package your product in accordance with your requirements. These will be discussed with you beforehand, in order to determine what is the best kind of packaging for you.

This is not a simple question. There are so many different factors to consider. What is the best kind of packaging to keep your product fresh, free of damage and looking good for the longest? What is the best design to ensure that your items are eye-catching and attractive to your potential customers?  What kind of packaging is preferred by your proposed retailer?  This question applies both to the individual item and the outer packaging too. What about pack sizes?  Do your retailers want a dozen in a pack?  Twenty?  Two dozen or maybe more?

You decide what is the best kind of packaging for you. You want a bag?  There are different kinds of plastic, foil, paper lined with foil… the choice is yours. Whatever the final decision, we will pack your product accordingly.

We can also produce multi-packs: maybe to suit the retailer, maybe for a multi-buy promotion, and special edition packs for one off marketing campaigns.

Finally, there are additional merchandising items which can be supplied if required, to make things even more convenient for your retailers and even more enticing for your customers. These can include things like shelf friendly clip strips and other attractive marketing aids such as Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs).

Your finished items are then packed into an outer case. Your product will then have an outer case bar codeand labelaffixed. Finally, it is ready to be shrink wrapped and / or palletised for onward delivery. We can even assemble your Point of Sale marketing items (such as FSDUs) fill them with stock and palletise them ready for retail.