Creating a brilliant product is of course a major ingredient in the path to success. But it is still only part of the story. You can produce the most tasty snack ever invented, but if the packaging is as dull as dishwater, or your carefully designed twelve sided dodecagon shaped packaging falls of the retailers’ shelves, you are doomed to a painful failure.

The truth is, you won’t get very far if your carefully crafted food is not retail friendly. You are not only competing with other brands for customers. First, you have to compete for retail shelf space. And retailers like two things above all else: profit margin (you have to take care of that yourself) and high volume of sales. We can help you with that part by helping you construct the most eye-catching and retail friendly packaging possible.

We have our own design team which can help you take care of every step of the merchandising process. This helping you decide on the most appropriate packaging for your product. We can then take care of all the other retail essentials. These include all the vital compliance issues, like providing a valid bar code, plus appropriate Best Before/ Sell By / Use By dates. Oh, and a pack that fits the shelf!

We can also supply specific merchandise to help you enable your product to catch the attention of your customers, and to help retailers display your product in the best way possible. Such additional merchandising can include items such as clip strips, Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) or any other kind of display item which you think may suit your product.

We can also design items specifically to support any special promotion you may like to run. A good example is this wonderful “Popcorn for Movie Buffs” Clapper Board Box which we used to support one of our clients’ campaigns.

So when it comes to designing the best type of packaging for you, the most captivating style for your customers and the most practical packs for your retailers, you can rely on Co-Packers UK.