At copackersuk, we can help you with all your co-packing needs. But you don’t have to stick with the usual regular orders. Our flexibility and low minimum threshold of just 1500 units means that we can help you with limited editions, promotional campaigns and even test marketing.

We can also help you to make your product as attractive as possible for both your customers and your retailers. One of the simplest and cost effective ways of doing this is to produce multi-packs. They are retail friendly, because your vendors get to sell at greater volumes, with a resulting higher turnover. It’s also easier to display multipacks: the shelves are easier to keep tidy and look more attractive than having loads of higgledy piggledy single packs cluttering the racks.

And customers love them too – a multi pack discount is always a welcome bonus for buying in bulk. It’s also a valuable reward for your regular customers. And the virtuous circle is completed by the fact that the retailer always loved satisfied customers too.

So with multi-packs, everyone’s a winner. They are good for you because they increase your sales volumes; they’re good for the retailer, because they are convenient, labour saving and increase store turnover and they’re great for your customers because, well, everyone loves a bargain.

So why not consider a run of multi-packs when you decide on your co-packing arrangements? We can co-pack your product and then pack your bags into a multi-pack bag, according to your requirements. Then we can just pack these into your outer box or case; attach your outer box bar code, then label and palletise ready for delivery.