Salsa Approved

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Salsa Approved

Allergen Management

All of our staff have competed the Allergen Awareness Course on the Food Safety Agency Website.

All our staff are L2 food Manufacturing trained – High Speed Training

We have a full allergen management policy

SALSA Approved

Allergen Management Control
  • Maintain good personal hygiene at all times (see Personal Hygiene Controls) including removal of all jewellery, and correct protective clothing.

  • Thoroughly washing hands after completing other tasks and before handling food or equipment

  • Reporting illness as detailed in Personal Hygiene Controls

  • Thorough hand washing practices after handling food allergen products.

  • Use of specific protective clothing when producing or handling products that do not contain allergens. 

Delivery Vehicles
  • Only use reputable approved suppliers

  • All delivered food items must be checked to ensure packaging and contained product has not been compromised in any way.

  • Vehicles that deliver “mixed items” must ensure that the items are segregated within the vehicle

  • Vehicles must be checked to ensure they comply with cleaning requirements (internal)


• Ambient only

  • Maintain good stock control system based on First In, First Out rules

  • Ensure all foods are used within date code parameters

  • Ensure any food allergens are identified and labelled accordingly and stored separately, from all other food products or ingredients.

  • Staff will follow “Clean As You Go” methodology

  • Separate designated general work surfaces from those areas specifically used for production

  • Single use disposable cloth’s or paper towels/roll are used throughout the premises for cleaning and drying.

  • Sinks used for washing utensils and small equipment will be adequately cleaned after use, including the surrounding area, which may be affected by splashing.

  • Sinks used for washing equipment must not be used for hand washing.

  • Bulk tubs to be cleaned out after every completed job and fully sanitised. 

Allergy Awareness
  • Keeping food allergens stored separately in the warehouse and clearly labelled with allergens.

  • Staff must not bring any foods on site containing peanuts nuts, even for personal consumption.

  • Ensure staff wash their hands thoroughly after handling food allergens and wear protective clothing identified as only for use within the specific production area. Staff found in wrong uniforms in an allergen free room will be disponed and possibly dismissed.

  • Use separate utensils and equipment and ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection after use with food allergens

  • All staff need to be aware of hidden ingredients and the risks of cross contamination from handling food allergens

Glass / brittle plastic / ceramics contamination
  • Ensure all items of glass, brittle plastic or wood are clearly identified and recorded in the corresponding audit checklist.

  • All staff must be aware of the risks of physical contamination and follow identified practices and procedures.

  • For further information refer to the Glass, Brittle Plastics and Ceramics Manual.

Chemical Contamination
  • All cleaning chemicals must be approved as safe for use in a food business

  • Cleaning chemicals must be stored in a locked cupboard sited outside of the product preparation area and away from any product in storage under the kitchen sink.

  • All equipment lubricants must be approved as safe for use with food production equipment

  • Manufacturers instructions and COSHH sheets must be followed when using any chemicals on site

  • For further information refer to Cleaning Pre-requisite Control & Cleaning Schedules

Monitoring/checking and any other appropriate records used by your business
  • Observe and supervise operational and handling practices

  • Observe and supervise personal hygiene practices

  • Cleaning schedules completed

  • Observe and supervise protection of product.

  • Metal control procedure followed at the end of the day and records kept.

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