Who would have thought that something as seemingly humdrum and everyday as shrink wrapping would become a controversial issue? But ever since Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 documentary series was aired in 2017, public awareness of plastic pollution has massively increased.

As a reputable co-packer, we do use shrink wrapping as an optional packaging material when required. It is most commonly used in the palletisation process, to ensure that your finished boxes and packs remain securely attached to the pallet. It is rarely used to package actual food items commercially, although it is still widely used in the domestic environment to wrap single items or previously cooked leftovers.

The good news is that the soft plastic used to make shrink wrap can be recycled, and because the shrink wrap we use is uncontaminated (i.e. it doesn’t come into contact with food, drink or other contaminants), ours is especially suitable for recycling.

Rest assured that we only use this product when it is necessary to ensure the integrity of your consignments. We always try to keep the use of extra plastic and other packaging materials to a minimum.

Always let us know if you have any particular requirements or specifications with regard to using plastics and recyclable materials when deciding on your co-packing arrangements.