Separating your product into single portion packs a vital part of our service. Making sure the merchandising and packaging is right is another important factor in getting your idea on to the shelves. But there are even further steps to take before your items get to be seen by your eager customers. First, they have to get there in one piece.

So once your raw product is safely bagged and wrapped, it needs to be boxed and cased in suitably strong containers. These must be properly labelled to ensure they get to where they are supposed to be. They must also be robust enough to survive being handled by time challenged logistics staff and busy store personnel. Not to mention the sharp bends and potholed roads your goods are likely to encounter on the way.

So we make sure your goods are properly labelled, packed, boxed, cased, shrink wrapped and palletised so we can be as sure as possible that they get to store in one piece. This is all completed to your own specification, so your carefully packaged product reaches the shelves in pristine condition. Only then can they can be in position to wow your potential customers.