Merchandising Units

In order to maximise the sales of your product, it is important to consider everything which could make things easier for both your retailers and your customers.  One of the things that can really make your product stand out is a spectacular merchandising unit.

These can come in many forms, but perhaps the most frequently seen is the Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU). This is usually placed instore in a convenient prominent place so that your product can really catch the eye of your customers. It can be a boon for the retailer, because it can really drive sales, but it’s also great for your potential customers. This is because it can be placed in a prominent position, making it really easy to find and also differentiate your product from possible competitors.

These are great to use when accompanying a price or multi-buypromotion, or when launching a new product range or flavour. They are also great for one-off or special events like festivals, fetes and markets.

We can also supply smaller units, which can be put ready-made onto the retail store shelves or the shop counter.

What’s more, we can do (almost) everything for you. We can co-pack your product, build your Point of Sale (POS) display and fill it ready for use. We can also shrink wrap it (if required) and palletise it ready for shipping.