You send your raw or manufactured product directly to us for packaging. We then pack into your previously arranged packaging design (bag, carton, pouch, sachet, vacuum pack, shrink wrap…) This process will include all necessary additional ready-for-retail information, such as your product bar code, Best Before / Sell By / Use By and batch code as appropriate.

These single packs can then further processed into multi-packs or boxes as required for onward transport.

Further product enhancements and merchandising can be added if required. For example, your itemised product can be supplied to the retailer for immediate on-shelf display. Or we can supply additional merchandising such as clip strips, Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) or other store friendly display items as required.

Finally, your product is labelled for delivery and palletised as required.

In addition, it is worth noting that our factory and warehouse is used purely for food products, so you can be sure that it is clean, hygienic and conforms to all required food hygiene and environmental standards. No goods or products which could contaminate food or contravene environmental health requirements are ever manufactured or packaged on our premises.

Not only this, but we do not use nuts or nut products in any of our manufacturing processes. This means that we operate in a guaranteed nut free environment, so we can avoid the need for unnecessary “nut allergy” warning notices on our packaging. We can also guarantee other allergen free specifications as required (gluten, dairy etc.)