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Packaging Solutions

Why do you need our Premium Packing solution?

We offer 4 key resources:

  • Consultancy
  • Packaging Support
  • Co packing Solutions
  • Retail ready products


For a lot of new small business owners, getting the right professional advice and support to bring your product to market is vital. We will help you understand your project requirements and work with you at any point in your journey.  We have experience spanning multiple resources and offer you a range of services to help you achieve your objectives.

There is always so much to think about.  We can help you understand the process so you make the right decisions for your product.  Launching a product is hard, it’s an extremely competitive market so it is of the upmost importance that your product packaging serves as your best first impression when it comes into contact with a potential customer.

New business owners are thrown into a world of having to make all of the decisions.  The choices we make are often based to the best of our own knowledge and understanding. By working with us you will have access to previous experience and a first-hand understanding of what you will face along the way and how to avoid making a costly wrong decision.

Greg Taylor, now CoPackersUK Ltd Managing Director has a wealth of experience more specifically in the snacking and food sector that he can bring to your project. A full packaging consultancy and co packing solution will bring your ambient food products to life without you having to invest in premises, equipment and staff, all leading to simplifying your supply chain and saving significant capital investment.


We will also consider all factors that could impact your budget and the environment in the long term while minimizing the impact on the planet.  Helping you achieve your businesses environmental credentials.


Sustainable bioplastics, fully recyclable food pouches, liquid pouches, cartons, tubes, glass jars, plastic bottles, induction heat sealing. Dating and labelling, case labels and palletisation.

We offer a range of services for the packaging concepts such as:

  • Co packing of ambient foods and other products into retail ready packaging SRP’s and cases
  • Pill and capsule processing – induction heat sealing
  • Kits and gift concepts packing
  • Re-labelling work
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Re-work damaged pallets and cases
  • Clip strips for marketing
  • Palletisation for shipping to customer or storage
  • Direct Amazon deliveries

Consultancy can be offered as a one-off if required. Please reach out for price details. Competitively priced to ensure you get great value for money.  No monthly retainers.